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David Lissner
for restaurants

Something special for this weekend

Glen Prairie's duck pie

Glen Prairie’s duck pie.

I get a lot of notices about various specials that different restaurants are running. I don’t use many of them — most restaurants have specials all the time, and they’re often not very, well, special. For example, half the restaurants in town will have fish and chips on the menu tomorrow. These, however, sounded especially good, so I thought I’d pass them along.

  1. Confit duck pot pie, with
    dried cherries, peas, potatoes, mirepoix, duck gravy, arugula and frisee salad, $22 this weekend at Glen Prairie in Glen Ellyn.

  2. Brisket benedict, made with beef smoked in-house for 12-hours, served atop Texas toast with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, along with diced brown potatoes, $10 on the weekend brunch menu at El’s Kitchen in Lincoln Park.

  3. Every day in March, Cbef Mark Payne at deca Restaurant in Streeterville is serving up a rotating list of roasts, from roast Mint Creek Farm lamb leg with house made mint sauce and flageolet beans to roast whole duck with lentils, pearl onions, house-made pancetta bacon and sherry vinegar jus. What’s available each day varies, so call ahead.