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David Lissner
for restaurants

Heartfelt wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day, Chicago!

Mediterranean-style salmon at Greek Islands

Mediterranean-style salmon, baked in parchment paper, is a Monday special at Greek Islands.

Valentine’s Day seems like a good day to think about heart health.

With new seafood options, says Gus Couchell, managing partner of Greek Islands in Greektown and Lombard, “we are making our customers healthier.”

Added choices in time for Lent include Mediterranean-Style salmon baked in parchment paper; seafood croquettes (made with baby Greek octopus); octopus stifado, stewed octopus in a savory tomato-herb sauce, as well as such fish as pink porgy, Mediterranean sea bass, striped bass and baby octopus brought in from Greece and dried herring from Vancouver, Canada. Some of these dishes are part of the restaurant’s daily specials.

Along with the seafood expansion, “we are replacing our butter with olive oil, ” Couchell says, and “most chicken is now prepared skinless.”