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Fundraiser souping up in 2013

Crocks of soup stand ready at Soup & Bread.

Crocks of soup stand ready at Soup & Bread.

Soup & Bread, the weekly winter fundraiser at The Hideout in West Town ramps up for its fifth season, commencing Jan. 2. The every-Wednesday event serves free — what else? — soup and bread, made and donated by volunteers, to anyone who attends, while collecting pay-what-you-can donations for a rotating roster of charities.

This year, organizer Martha Bayne adds a soupçon of extra challenge for the chowder crowd with some soupy themes:

  • Jan. 2. Green
  • Jan. 9. Four Cs: Cumin, coriander, cardamom, cilantro
  • Jan. 16. Our neighbors to the north
  • Jan. 23. The ocean
  • Jan. 30. Triple B: Beans, beer, and bacon
  • Feb. 6. Down under
  • Feb. 13. Lust, love, and hate
  • Feb. 20. All things cow-nsidered
  • Feb. 27. NYC vs. LA
  • March 6. The ground
  • March 13. Noodles, dumplings, and kreplach
  • March 20. Paris vs. Tokyo
  • March 27. Double A: Alliums and asparagus
  • April 3. Chicago vs. Chicago
  • April 10. Spring forward

Volunteers are solicited to make soup, sell books, cut bread, clean pots or otherwise lend a hand. To volunteer or for more information, e-mail Bayne at

What to wear to Soup & Bread