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David Lissner
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Light meat? Dark meat? Turkey testicle?

turkey testicles

Deep-fried turkey testicles at Timothy O'Toole's.

Here’s a part of the turkey you probably won’t find on the Thanksgiving table — the testes!

Never fear, though, you can man up for the holiday at Timothy O’Toole’s in Streeterville, which will hold its third annual Turkey Testicle Festival on Black Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Buckets of balls (deep fried turkey testicles with your choice of dipping sauce) will be served all day for $6.99.

At 9 p.m., compete in a turkey-testicle eating contest to win a whole frozen turkey. For those game to compete, but not that game, a pumpkin-pie eating contest takes place at 11 p.m., with the winner receiving a $25 gift certificate. There’s no charge for trying your luck.

Other Black Wednesday specials include open-faced hot turkey sandwiches, turkey panini and slices of pumpkin pie. Half-priced bottles of wine, $18 Bud and Bud Light buckets, and $5 Fireball shots (cinnamon whiskey) also feature.