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David Lissner
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International meals honor NATO nations

David Colcombe

David Colcombe

With the NATO Summit in Chicago, the coming weekend might seem like a good time to visit your favorite suburban restaurants, but if you haven’t yet checked out the NATO-inspired offerings of Chicago’s Culinary Crossroads, be sure to dine in the city sometime before May 25.

Dozens of local eateries are participating, offering specials inspired by the cuisines of the NATO nations, as well as “passport” codes for a contest to win tickets to Chicago Gourmet in September. In addition, chefs from some of the NATO nations have collaborated with Chicago chefs to create menu items reflecting their nation’s cuisine. The visiting chefs are:

  • Chef Jason Bangerter, O&B Canteen and Luma, Toronto, Canada, paired with Chef Tony Priolo, Piccolo Sogno, West Town.

  • Chef David Colcombe, Opus, Birmingham, UK, paired with Chef Dirk Flanigan, The Gage and Henri, Loop.

  • Chef Jose Luis Estevan, Millesime, Madrid, Spain, paired with Chef John Hogan, Keefer’s, River North.

  • Chef Gilles Epie, Citrus Etoile, Paris, France, paired with Chef Martial Noguier, Bistronomic, Gold Coast.

  • Chef Eros Picco, Innocenti Evasioni, Milan, Italy, paired with Chef Federico Comacchio, Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush, Magnificent Mile.

  • Chef Tommy Rikhard Raanti, Gastronomisk Institutt AS (Culinary Institute of Norway), Stavanger, Norway, paired with Chef Dean Zanella, Rhapsody, Loop.

  • Chef Martins Ritins, Vincents, Riga, Latvia, paired with Chef Brandon Wolff, The Signature Room at the 95th, Streeterville.