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David Lissner
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Learn to make paczki

Apricot paczek from Spunky Dunkers. Photo ©2011 by Leah A. Zeldes.


Day is nearly here! This year the celebration takes place on Feb. 21. Why line up at a bakery for these Polish-style pastries when you can make your own?

At 2 p.m. Feb. 19, Pastry Chef Dobra Bielinski of Delightful Pastries leads a class on making the filled doughnuts as well as “angel wings.” Participants will stuff and glaze their own paczki, as Bielinski unveils two new flavors.

Each student will take home 10 paczki and a small box of angel’s wings.

The class takes place at the bakery in Jefferson Park. The cost is $50. Reserve your place by e-mail at