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David Lissner
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Mooncakes fete Chinese historic rebellion

Ivan Yuen

Ivan Yuen

Traditional mooncakes and other authentic fare mark the Mid-Autumn Festival menu at Shanghai Terrace on the Magnificent Mile. Legend has it that the cakes commemorate the 14th-century Chinese rebellion against Mongol oppression. The rebels communicated with their compatriots by hiding the slips of paper in smuggled cakes.

From Sept. 6 through 12, Chef Ivan Yuen will offer mooncakes in flavors including lotus, pineapple, pomelo, green tea, chestnut and longan a la carte for $8 each or as part of a four-course, $168 dinner for two comprising a festival trio of mooncakes, fried taro and dim sum; a Peking duck platter with cucumber, spring onion and Mandarin pancakes; baked lobster with ginger sauce, seasonal vegetables, kung pao chicken and Wagyu beef fried rice; and coconut rice pudding with exotic fruit, mango sorbet and crispy wontons.

Along with eating mooncakes, diners will be able to take part in traditional Mid-Autumn Festival moon gazing outdoors under the night sky four stories above Michigan Avenue.