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Happy anniversary, Ethiopian Diamond! 15 years in Edgewater

Almaz Yigizaw

Almaz Yigizaw

It’s been 15 years since Almaz Yigizaw, a native of Gandor, Ethiopia, who came to Chicago as a girl, launched Ethiopian Diamond in Edgewater. Yigizaw was inspired to open the restaurant after coming up with a business plan as a Loyola University class project. In 2009, she opened a second location in Rogers Park.

Both locations will be celebrating throughout August with discounted lunch and dinner combination meals featuring a choice of traditional meats or chicken, with varied vegetables, heaped on injera bread, $15 to $25, and new summer specialties, including kifto, (Ethiopian steak tartare), duba wat (spicy pumpkin stew), shimbraasa (chickpea stew) gored gored (lean beef tossed with spicy chili sauce) and more.

On Saturday, Aug. 6, the Edgewater location will host an anniversary bash with a special menu and live Ethiopian music.