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David Lissner
for restaurants

Handmade hot dogs back for National Hot Dog Month

Seasons' house-made hot dog (Photo by Michael Maes).

Seasons' house-made hot dog (Photo by Michael Maes).

Hot dog! Chicago’s most upscale hot-dog stand is back in business through the end of July. Not your usual wiener works, Seasons Lounge and Bar in Streeterville’s Four Seasons Hotel is serving Chef Kevin Hickey’s housemade frankfurters in celebration of National Hot Dog Month.

Cranked out by hand in a sausage grinder, and then smoked in-house, the frank is then boiled and charred and served on a poppy-seed brioche bun with housemade relish, mustard, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, pickles and celery salt. There’s also house-made ketchup (for the accompanying french fries, of course), and a cold glass of Goose Island Summer Time Ale comes alongside, $16.