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Visit with Chinese-cooking expert Ken Hom

Ken Hom

Ken Hom

Noted Chinese-cooking expert Ken Hom returns to Chicago for a Chicago Foodways Roundtable conversation with local chef and food writer Louisa Chu at 7 p.m. Friday, June 3, at the WoodMode Auditorium at Kendall College on Goose Island.

Hom has written 30 cookbooks and hosted five BBC and an award-winning Korean television series. He started working at age 11, washing dishes at King Wah Restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown, where the owner, a family friend whom Hom called “Uncle,” taught him to cook. Later, to help pay his college tuition at the University of California in Berkeley, Hom gave cooking lessons, and eventually became an instructor in Chinese cooking at the California Culinary Academy, where notable students included a young Charlie Trotter.

Tickets are $5; reserve at (847) 432-8255 or with your name, telephone number and the number of people in your party.