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David Lissner
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Say baa to sheep’s milk cheese Saturday



Soft and creamy fresh sheep’s milk cheeses from Green Dirt Farm in Weston, Mo., will be a special feature Saturday, May 14, at the weekly Great American Cheese Collection warehouse sale in Back of the Yards. Cheese expert Giles Schnierle will be handing out samples of two bloomy-rind camembert-style cheeses and one washed-rind brie style he describes as “somewhat stinky.”

There will also be samples of goat’s milk cheeses encrusted with herbes de Provence, wild mushrooms and pine nuts. A wide variety of other artisanal and farmstead cow’s and goat’s milk cheeses will be for sale at wholesale prices, too.

Other products on offer during the open house include Coleen Graham’s fresh breads and cookies baked in her backyard wood-burning oven, Gramma Pearl’s BBQ, new and used books and more.

The sale takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bring a coat or sweater — it is a bit chilly in the warehouse — and wine or beer to enjoy with the cheeses.