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David Lissner
for restaurants

‘Iron Chef’ winners on the menu in Chicago

Ever wish you could be one of the judges on “Iron Chef“? Well, we can’t promise you a gig at Kitchen Stadium, but the next best thing is a chance to sample some of the winning dishes from the show.

Beginning Monday, April 4, Mercat a la Planxa in the Loop will serve five-course menus inspired by one of the secret ingredients its Philadelphia-based executive chef, Jose Garces, has used for winning bouts on the Food Network TV show “Iron Chef America,” where he’s one of this season’s Iron Chefs.

Offered only on Mondays, the “Iron Chef” menus will be served at lunch ($16.95) and dinner ($34.95). Reservations are suggested.

The menus will change every two weeks. April 4 and 11 will feature Mexican chocolate, as used in the Feb. 13 episode when Garces defeated Mexico City native Julian Medina. These dishes from the show will be reprised at the Chicago restaurant:

  • Kobe beef tartare and beet tartare

  • Mexican chocolate linguine with smoked duck

  • Mexican chocolate tamale and Mexican chocolate Iberian pork loin

  • Canela waffle with Mexican chocolate sauce

  • Mexican chocolate atole and doughnuts filled with chocolate

The son of Ecuadorian immigrants, Garces grew up in Chicago. In addition to working with Sage Restaurant Group at Mercat, he owns seven restaurants in Philadelphia. The James Beard Foundation named him Best Chef Mid-Atlantic in 2009.