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David Lissner
for restaurants

Schlachtfast, Germany’s big pig festival, underway

Stuffed pork chop at Edelweiss.

Stuffed pork chop at Edelweiss.

The piggy trend still hot in Chicago is nothing new in Germany, where pork has been a favorite for centuries. “Schlachtfast” is a meaty German festival celebrating the end of winter. It’s the time when German farmers butcher their pigs and celebrants indulge in a feast of pork and sausage dishes.

Through March 6, Edelweiss in Norridge hosts a Schlachtfast celebration with such specials as roasted suckling pig served with bread dumplings and red cabbage and a choice of soup or salad, $20.95.

Other porky fare at Edelweiss includes a seared, thick-cut pork chop stuffed with apples and walnuts and topped with melted Wisconsin cheddar, $17.95 with a choice of French fries, German fries, baked potato, garden rice or seasonal vegetables; Bayerische Schweinshaxe, a three-pound pork shank, $26.95; Kassler Rippchen — brined, smoked, center-cut pork chops, steamed in a light consomme, $15.95; and a welter of wurst.