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David Lissner
for restaurants

After-work munchies? Get free food near O’Hare

Gibsons' filet sliders.

Gibsons' filet sliders.

If you’re near O’Hare after work on a weekday during the next month or so, stop into Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse. The bar at the Rosemont branch of the steakhouse passes platters of free appetizers from 4 to 6 p.m. every Monday through Friday.

Chef Marco DiBenedetto’s rotating menu of complimentary munchables includes Gibsons filet sliders, barbecued shrimp, house-made pigs in a blanket, pizza and more. There’s no minimum drink purchase required to snag your share, but my guess is that the filled platters pass most frequently past big tippers adding up hefty bar tabs. (Drive safe or take the L.)

The freebie is offered only for the the rest of the “cold winter months,” but hey, here in Chicago, that could mean through May.