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David Lissner
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Chicago food news and views from around the Web



We check out all the best foodie news from Chicago restaurant chefs and others….

  • Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea in Lincoln Park recounts his experience judging the Bocuse d’Or culinary competition, where competitors included Jennifer Petrusky, a sous chef at Charlie Trotter’s. He ponders whether the international contest could become a reality show, like “Top Chef Masters.”

  • At the Chicago Sun-Times, Stella Foster reports that Chef Mindy Segal, owner of Hot Chocolate Restaurant and Dessert Bar in Bucktown, will be making banana brioche monkey bread with butterscotch and almond brittle on “The Martha Stewart show” at 11 a.m. Thursday on WMAQ-Channel 5, part of a show featuring some of America’s best women chefs and their favorite recipes…. And Janet Fuller comments on the recent death of Ronald Howes, creator of the Easy Bake Oven. Bake a tiny cake in his honor.

  • That tiny cutie learning to bake at the top of the post is the second daughter of Chef Phillip Foss of Lockwood in the Loop, and he has more pictures on his blog, The Pickled Tongue, as well as some dynamite photos of caviar.

  • discusses the looming “Big Green Elephant” of St. Patrick’s Day without a South Side Irish parade. Will the bar scene be as huge as ever? … Meanwhile, Lake Effect News has a nice slideshow of last weekend’s Uptown Lunar New Year parade.

  • Edgewater Community Buzz is compiling a list of the best bloody marys in that community. The Edgewater Lounge is leading so far.

  • On The Local Beet, Brad Moldofsky comments on the creation of the new Morton Grove Farmers’ Market, due to open in May. Dine at Kappy’s Restaurant & Pancake House, a family restaurant in Morton Grove, on Wednesday nights during March and mention the market, and they’ll donate 10 percent of your check to the market.

  • Chef John des Rosiers of inovasi in Lake Bluff rants on restaurant publicity. Hey, Chef, here’s a free tip: When media ask you for something, say a recipe or guest commentary, follow through. Putting the address of your restaurant on your blog might help, too.