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Can Chicago keep the Top Chef Masters title? Tell us and win

Graham Elliot Bowles David Burke Tony Mantuano Marcus Samuelsson Rick Tramonto
Graham E. Bowles David Burke Tony Mantuano M. Samuelsson Rick Tramonto


UPDATE: Prizes announced! Be first to pick the ending position of all five Chicago chefs and you can host a segment of Dining Chicago on TV with David Lissner at one of Chicago’s most famous restaurants, along with dinner. For 10 others who come closest, there will be gift certificates from fine Chicago restaurants.

For technical reasons, the entry form has been moved to If you have already entered here, don’t worry, we’ll move your entry for you.

Start the betting, folks.

Chefs from five Chicago restaurants will vie for the title of “Top Chef Master” in the new season of the Bravo cooking-contest TV show, beginning April 7. Chef Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill in River North won the first round. Can our city keep the title?

What do you think? Give us your prediction of how the season will go and we’ll give you a prize if you get it right.

Among the 22 chefs competing are:

Yeah, we know that Burke and Samuelsson aren’t full-time local chefs, but if they win, we’ll be glad to claim them. Check out the competition.

Before April 7, post a comment here post your entry at predicting which of these five chefs will win or come closest to winning and why.

We’ll offer a prize (to be determined) to whoever gets it right. (If more than one reader predicts the last Chicago chef standing, we’ll judge based how eloquent and close the entries are.)