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The David Leonardis Report: My jam-packed summer

David Leonardis

David Leonardis

I’m not sure jam-packed even describes how my summer has been going.

I’ve been to 26 Cubs home games so far. Earlier in the season, I had only been to nine games or so, and a friend of mine told me I had better pick up the pace if I wanted to break last year’s record. Well, I need to go to 34 Cubs home games this year to break last year’s record. Every year, I try to hit a few more than the year before to set the bar high.

I’m on track for 40 and that’s a pretty high bar to set for next year.

I just got done seeing 5 in a row. The Cubs went 4 for 5 and that’s pretty good.

The Cubbies are in first place, and that’s just how I like it.

There are lots of places to get tickets but my favorite ticket guy in the city, in America, really, is Stevie over at Sit Close Tickets. Stevie is the kinda guy who has a fridge with soda and freeze pops for the kids while they wait, and he has a keg in the back if you want a beer, too. A really funny guy, He’ll give you a beer on the house but he always says, “I’m just going to need to see an ID first.” Watching Stevie and the gang over at Sit Close is a visual treat. The office is always packed on Cubs game days and everyone is super cool and very nice. Since I hooked up with Stevie, I’ve been getting the good tickets in the sun, so I’m pretty tan this year. Farmer’s tan, but tan nonetheless.

I was very pleased and proud to be a guest on the “Jennie’s Reflections” show recently. Jennie’s show appears every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on CAN-TV Channel 21 Chicago Public Access.

My episode will be featured on Aug. 5.

Tune in for some more entertaining banter and stories by yours truly. I brought some art on the show and told some of my typically non-boring stories. Jennie is a great host and it was really cool to watch her work. Jennie has been doing her show for 20 years. Now, that’s dedication.

You can get booked on Jennie’s show, too — if you’re cool enough, that is. Give her a call, and she’ll tell you all about it: (773) 822-4762.

On to dining…. I love to go out to eat. I mean who doesn’t?

One of my most favorite places in the whole world and certainly Chicago is Gene & Georgetti on Franklin Street. This place is so classic and old school it reminds me of my Grandpa Joe 100 percent. My grandpa loved to cook and go out to eat. Grandpa shared recipes with the “Frugal Gourmet,” and he taught painting classes with Bob Ross, the guy on TV. You remember Bob Ross — he had a big afro and a really pleasant manner, and he painted these nature scenes.

David Leonardis Gallery

I grew up going to restaurants with Grandpa, and he would always tell stories about the Wise Guys and how it was ok to be friends with the Wise Guys but never to be one. Which is why, I guess, I became an art dealer. Being an art dealer is fun and exciting and not without its share of colorful characters, to be sure, but it’s not quite like owing a guy a favor and having to deliver a bag with who knows what in it to who knows who. I think you get what I’m telling you here.

Gene & Georgetti has the best steaks in town. I was there recently with TGO, and the owner sat at our table, and we were all telling stories. TGO tells a great story about his friend Robert whom he takes there to eat, too. Well, Robert orders the biggest steak they have and has two bites and has it wrapped to go. So TGO tells the waiter to switch the steaks. Robert calls up TGO and is a little upset that he got the wrong bag. So, TGO being the kinda guy that he is takes Robert there again.

TGO stands for The Great One — you figure it out. So Robert and TGO are at Gene & Georgetti and Robert orders a big steak and has a few bites and has it wrapped to go. Well, this time, being the funny guy that he is, TGO tells the waiter to put a baked potato in the bag instead of the steak, and TGO doesn’t have anything to go so it appears there will be no mistake.

TGO is expecting a call from Robert and it doesn’t come. A week or so later TGO is back to Gene & Georgetti and the owner comes over and tells him that his friend Robert is crazy and that he came back and started screaming and was practically frothing at the mouth. What could the owner do but give him another steak. Well, TGO paid for the second steak and had a good laugh. I always bring this story up to Robert, who kinda chuckles and shakes his head.

Never do business with friends.

It’s a sure way to lose the friends, and give you a serious case of agita. For you non-Italians out there agita is a really bad stomachache. Really bad, like you’ve got Crohn’s disease bad.

I decided to help some friends out and they are giving me such a case of agita that the only good news I can find for myself out of the situation is that they are providing great material for my book I’m writing about my life: “Life and Living It: The David Leonardis Story.” This is a book that’s going to have to be fictionalized or something because I’m going to be telling some seriously good stories. Kinda like “Dragnet.” The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Actually, the innocent is me, and I’m going to change the names, because I don’t want any more agita than these people have already given me.

When you get to the part about the grifter couple from New York, that’s my former friends. She’s a huge, 6½-foot, 350-pounder of a woman, and he’s a short, little, under-5-feet weasel. The kind of people that you look at and wonder how that works out for them. You know what I mean. Even if you don’t want to know what I mean, and I’m sure you don’t, you do know what I mean.

I’ve heard that no good deed goes unpunished, and I just never wanted to believe it. But after this last round of agita I’m starting to believe it 4sho.

Well, that’s it for this week’s David Leonardis Report, folks, and we’ll see you next time.

Thanks the most for reading. I really super duper appreciate it.