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Night out: Seven plays for $7.77

John Champion, left, and Paul Barile of the n.u.f.a.n. ensemble

John Champion, left, and Paul Barile of the n.u.f.a.n. ensemble

Tragically hip assassins, troubled writers, tenacious dancers, smarmy cashiers, curious mourners, nervous friends and a boy and his mother all feature in seven one-act plays beginning at 8 p.m. Monday, July 20, at Edgewater’s City Lit Theater.

So why is this one-night theater festival from the n.u.f.a.n. ensemble called “Seven Plays in Seven Days”? The title refers not to the audience’s perspective but to the actors’, who were chosen for their parts just one week before.

“This festival began as way to network and to produce something exciting without a longtime commitment from busy actors,” says Paul Barile, the n.u.f.a.n ensemble’s artistic director. “It has developed into a very popular event. We have sold out every July festival and see no signs of slowing down.”

Chicago playwrights Barile, Darren Callahan, Erik Germand, David Kravitz, Jenny Seidelman, Michael Van Ness and Jessie Stegner wrote the scripts. Directors include Tom Akouris, Keely Brennan, Juan Castaneda, Thrisa Hodits, Rachel Edwards Harvith, Ross Matsuda and Stephen F. Murray.

Tickets are just $7.77. For more information, call (773) 282-0344.

For pre-theater dining, Francesca’s Bryn Mawr will give you a fine Italian meal (don’t miss the carpaccio), and their valet will even keep your car till after the show.