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David Lissner
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Signature Room more than eye candy

Patrick Sheerin

Patrick Sheerin

“When you hear the restaurant name ‘The Signature Room at the 95th,'” writes Chef Patrick Sheerin in The Local Beet, “most people in the food business think about the phrase ‘tourist trap.’ And it is no joke; we get a lot of tourists from around the block to across the globe. It is unlikely that the phrase ‘one of the largest restaurant buyers at the Green City Market’ comes to mind. The reality is that you will find more locally grown fruits and vegetables in my ninety-five story kitchen than you will tourists in the dining room….

“We presently purchase 100,000 pounds of fresh produce, meats and cheese from local farmers in a five state area.”

The Signature Room’s food comes as a surprise to people who think the place is just about the view — though it’s a fabulous view. For example, the kitchen is one of Chicago’s biggest users of sous vide techniques.

By the way, the Signature Room isn’t Sheerin’s first experience with sky-high dining; he also worked at Everest in the Loop. Pat Sheerin is brother to Chef Mike Sheerin at Blackbird in the West Loop, so culinary chops certainly run in the family.

Extra credit: What area of The Signature Room offers the best view?