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Weekday Planer: Chicago q Anniversary, #TDSMonday, Tequila Thursdays, Sake 101

Weekday Planer: Chicago q Anniversary, #TDSMonday, Tequila Thursdays, Sake 101,



Weekday Planer, (pork belly skewers at Chicago q)

(pork belly skewers at Chicago q)

Chicago q’s Golden Anniversary
This year is Chicago q‘s golden anniversary, as the Gold Coast barbecue bastion prepares to blow out the candles beginning September 4 for its fourth year in beefy business. Hence, the restaurant will appropriately offer four $4 menu specials available through September 7. These dishes are summer corn and squash fritters, pork skewers, braised pork belly salad, and alligator tacos. Additionally, on September 4 10% of proceeds will go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), so you can feel great about inhaling pork belly and alligator.…………CONTINUE:  

Brunch Bites: mEAT, Carnivale

Brunch Bites: mEAT, Carnivale

Brunch Bites: mEAT and Carnivale

(Skewer city at mEAT)

Brunch Bites: mEAT, Carnivale


Streeterville, you have a new brunch destination. Lakeview-based restaurant mEAT recently opened in the downtown ‘hood and they’ve newly implemented weekend brunch service as well. Classic American fare with a quirky twist is the name of the game at mEAT, evidenced in dishes such as…………CONTINUE:  


Weekend Planner August 29-August 31: Cirque du FMK, September Chocolate Preview, Dawson City Limits

Weekend Planner August 29-August 31


Weekend Planner August 29-August 31 The Dawson does vodka lemonade

The Dawson does vodka lemonade

Weekend Planner August 29-August 31

Dawson City Limits
The final Dawson City Limits music show takes place August 31 at The Dawson, so be sure and swing by to send summer off in style. The summery Sunday series comes to a conclusion this weekend with a performance by Jenny Dragon on the ample patio from 5:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Special food and beverage are also on deck, including a crawfish boil for $25 per person and Clint Rogers’ broiled vodka lemonade for $30 per pitcher or $10 per glass. Be there.

September Preview Party at Katherine Anne Confections


Cirque du FMK…………CONTINUE:  



Wicker Park’s Dining DNA

Wicker Park’s Dining DNA:

Wicker Park's Dining DNA(Tacos at Big Star. Vital.)

(Tacos at Big Star)



With a recent surge in destination-worthy dining and drinking spots, Wicker Park is once again at Chicago’s culinary cusp.


For a few years now I’ve listened to neighborhood soothsayers ramble about Wicker Park’s downward spiral from hip cultural Mecca to an enclave of dilluted and superficial hot air. People love to chime in on this neighborhood they don’t live in or even visit that often, proclaiming it “past its prime” or the “new Lincoln Park.” That last one is my favorite, not only because it’s utterly incorrect (have you been to these respective neighborhoods lately — they couldn’t be more different), but it suggests Lincoln Park is this wasteland of homogeny. As if Lincoln Park is Dubuque, Iowa, or something. For all the Wicker Park naysayers, let’s take a look at how the neighborhood is not only reclaiming its crown as hip cultural keystone in Chicago, but also how it is setting a new precedent in ways no other neighborhood has managed to do. Naturally, the culinary scene is at that forefront…………CONTINUE:  





Henry’s Swing Club, Lots to Love

Henry’s Swing Club:

Lots to Love About Henry's Swing Club

(Bottled cocktails represent at Henry’s Swing Club)

Henry’s Swing Club:

One of the most surprising additions to River North’s thumping dining and drinking scene as of late, Henry’s Swing Club is everything downtowners need and want in a casual bar that flies in the face of the neighborhood’s typical sceney template. The concept came about when DMK Restaurant Group swooped in on the defunct Lao 18 and partnered with Tony Hu to give the neighborhood something chill, tasty, fun, and consistent. The result may very well be River North’s saving grace. Here is what you need to know about Henry’s Swing Club…………CONTINUE:  





Battle of the Hot ‘Hoods: West Loop vs. Logan Square

Battle of the Hot ‘Hoods:

Battle of the Hot 'Hoods: (Bottled cocktails at Billy Sunday)

( Billy Sunday)

Battle of the Hot ‘Hoods:

Nowadays, anytime some new restaurant or bar announces an opening, or anytime a restaurant group plans expansion, more often than not the names Logan Square and/or West Loop are bandied around. These two ‘hoods find themselves in a simultaneous fever pitch as they balloon with an influx of dining and drinking destinations. But which neighborhood has it better? They’ve each got their own distinct merits, but it’s more fun to pit them against one another. Let’s take a look:

Hot Hotels

The world has been buzzing incessantly about this little place called Soho House that just opened. The Chicago outpost of the London-based brand, an international celebrity magnet and hot spot, is the largest Soho House to date, situated in the West Loop on Green Street. Complete with restaurants, a pool, illustrious city views, working areas, a myriad of glam hotel rooms, and lots more, Soho House has a lot to offer. In Logan Square, options are a lot more demure. Case in point: the inn atop Longman & Eagle. Sure it’s trendy and popular and cool, but it’s no Soho House.

Point: West Loop.…………CONTINUE:  





Sweet of the Week: Pistachio Soft-Serve at Mercadito

Pistachio Soft-Serve:

Pistachio Soft-Serve at Mercadito Fish

Pistachio Soft-Serve

Pistachio Soft-Serve at Mercadito Fish


August didn’t quite shape up to be the “dog days” we all have come to expect of late summer in Chicago, but that hardly stifles my incessant screams for ice cream. I’m obnoxious about it, regardless of temperature. In particular, there is nothing more scream-worthy than soft-serve.

Especially given the forecast, there’s something so mercifully balanced and subtle about soft-serve. It’s not so blaringly cold and intense as regular ice cream, making it much easier to stomach on a chilly day. Or a warm day. Or any damn day. Not to mention it’s so much more fun to add accoutrements to soft-serve, pimping it out with sauces and add-ons. One of the newest contenders to Chicago’s soft-serve game is Mercadito Fish, the nautically minded iteration of the esteemed and increasingly popular Mercadito Hospitality brand. The seafood gets a lot of the deserved spotlight here, but make sure and save room for some silken satisfaction at meal’s end.…………CONTINUE:  



Chicago Best Pizza 2014

Have you looked at our picks for Chicago’s Best Pizza? Are we spot on or would you disagree?
Chicago Best Pizza 2014

Chicago Best Pizza 2014

Chicago Best Pizza 2014 _ Chicago Best Pizza
Best Pizza Chicago _ Thick Crust and Thin Crust, Vegetarian, Find Chicago’s Best Pizza, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park Pizza,
Now’s the time to let us know what you think.

Wow Bao Contest Finale, Farm-BQ: Weekend Planner August 22-August 24

Wow Bao Contest Finale:

Wow Bao Contest Finale

Wow Bao

Wow Bao Contest Finale
Curious to see the pinnacle of this year’s Wow Bao binge? Of course you are. Head to Water Tower Place on August 23 to witness the finals for the second annual Wow Bao eating contest. All week long, folks have been gorging themselves on bao as part of the preliminaries, wherein diners stuff their faces with as many bao as they can in two minutes. The top two finalists from each round vie against one another on August 23. For each bao eaten during the two-minute culmination on Saturday, contestants receive a $10 gift card to Lettuce Entertain You restaurants. The grand prize winner gets free Wow Bao for a year. Wow that’s a lot of bao! It all starts Saturday at 2:00 p.m.…………CONTINUE:  


Southern Menus at Local Root, Rooftop Movie, Nacional 27 Anniversary, Quintessa Wine Dinner, Weekday Planner:

Local Root:

(Local Root's Isaac Weliver in action)

Local Root’s Isaac Weliver

Go Southern at Local Root

If you’re looking for a little Southern hospitality and verve, head east to Streeterville and partake in Local Root’s new Thursday night specials and events. Through the end of August, Thursday evenings are all about live Bluegrass music by the Dog Patch Ramblers and Southern-themed menus crafted by chef/owner Isaac Weliver. Each three-course menu is $38 per person, with this week’s sampling serving as an homage to Alabam and the 28th an ode to Louisiana. Reservations click here.…………CONTINUE:  


Cuisine of the Southern United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The cuisine of the Southern United States is the historical regional culinary form of states generally south of theMason–Dixon line dividing Pennsylvania and Delaware from Maryland as well as along the Ohio River, and extending west to southern Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.[citation needed]

The most notable influences come from English, Scottish, Irish, German, French, Native American, and African Americancuisines. Tidewater, Appalachian, Cajun (colloquial for Acadian, referring to the Acadians deported south in 1755-63),Creole, Lowcountry, and Floribbean are examples of types Southern cuisine. In recent history, elements of Southern cuisine have spread north, having an effect on the development of other types of American cuisine.

Many items such as squash, tomatoes, corn (and its derivatives, including grits), as well as the practice of deep pit barbecuing were inherited from the southeastern American Indian tribes such as the Caddo, Choctaw, and Seminole. Many foods associated with sugar, flour, milk, eggs (many kinds of baking or dairy products such as breads and cheeses) are more associated with Europe. Black-eyed peas, okra, rice, eggplant, benne (sesame) seed, sorghum, and melons, as well as the spices can be attributed to peoples of African origin.

The South’s propensity for a full breakfast (as opposed to a Continental one with a simple bread item and drink) is derived from the English fry up,[citation needed] although it was altered substantially. Much of Cajun or Creole cuisine is based on France, West Africa, Caribbean and on Spain to a lesser extent. Floribbean is more Spanish-based with obvious Caribbean influences, while Tex-Mex has considerable Mexican and Native American influences.