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The Best Bloody Marys in Chicago

Thanks to the surplus of sparkling wine that precedes it and the late-night hours of drinking and eating, New Year’s Day may very well be nicknamed National Hangover Day. But fear not, because you’ve got Bloody Marys to look forward to, thanks to the convenient fact that January 1 also happens to be National Bloody Mary Day. Here’s where to get a good Bloody in Chicago when the new year strikes and the hangover sets in. 


Twisted Spoke
Twisted Spoke

Twisted Spoke: The ultimate destination not only for Bloody Marys, but for hangover curatives in all edible forms, Twisted Spoke is a can’t-miss. The bar and restaurant has several Bloody variations on its brunch menu, from its most famed Road Rash Mary strewn with salami, pearl onion and Parmesan, to its gin-based Bloody Queen, it’s smoky, chorizo-topped Salma and its Scotch version called Deliverance, made with bacon, cheddar, pickled string bean and green onion. The most indulgent of the bunch, however, might be the Great Lakes Tattooed Mary, so named for the tattoo shop next door, featuring rum, pineapple and smoked pork butt. 

Lula Cafe: Sambal and lemongrass help set Lula Cafe apart on the Bloody Mary front. One of Chicago’s most endearing and popular brunch destinations also makes one of the most solid Bloody Marys in town. Dubbed the Classic Lula ’99 Bloody Mary, it features vodka along with the aforementioned Asian components, which lends a palpable zest to the brunch cocktail. 

Ronero: Everyone loves a good bar cart, especially ones brimming with fresh juices and spirits when you need it most, aka weekend mornings. At Ronero, the Latin-accented West Loop restaurant deploys the bar cart used at its upstairs concept, Esco Bar, and transforms it into a mimosa and Bloody Mary cart on weekends. As it roves around the restaurant, customize your Bloody with different juices and garnishes. There’s also a house michelada made with tomato juice, lime juice and spice mix. 

Bar Takito: With ingredients like sesame seeds and cilantro, it’s evident that the Bloody Mary at Bar Takito is far from typical. The West Loop hot spot features its namesake Takito Mary during brunch service, outfitting the drink with house Takito Mary mix, a citrus salt rim, sesame seeds, cilantro and a Coronita beer back. 

Old Town Social: True to its meaty reputation, Old Town Social incorporates a bevy of charcuterie items into its particularly hearty Bloody Mary. On top of the Grey Goose-based cocktail goes morsels of salami, prosciutto-stuffed pepper, provolone, pickled okra and smoked cheddar. 

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