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The Perfect Day of Eating in Chicago’s West Loop

In Chicago, dining and drinking is a full-fledged tourist attraction in and of itself,  Eating in Chicago’s West Loop Right up there with other world-famous institutions like the Bean, the Willis Tower and Navy Pier. Eating in Chicago’s West Loop Considering this, strategy is important when planning out a day of dining in the big city, as coordinated […]

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May 19, 2018 02:41 AM
Cinco de Mayo Guide, 2018 to Dining and Drinking

Cinco de Mayo: Where to dine and drink on Mexican cuisine and cocktails for May 5. One of the liveliest and most colorful food- and drink-filled holidays of the year is almost here, and all over Chicago, restaurants and bars are gearing up to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. From cocktail specials to full-blown parties, here’s where […]

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May 09, 2018 04:21 AM
Weekly Planner: Wheel Wednesdays @ Antique Taco and New Spring Menus

Wheel Wednesdays @ Antique Taco Though spring in Chicago is notoriously finicky and fickle, one good indicator that warm weather is near is the onset of food truck season at Antique Taco. More specifically, the restaurant’s sprawling Bridgeport location is kicking into spring gear with its “Wheel Wednesdays” series, which invites a handful of different food […]

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May 02, 2018 11:35 PM

Best Places to Brunch in February

Wondering where to eat brunch this weekend? In honor of Valentine's month, this week's roundup is all about indulgent sweets. From croissants to piled-high French toast, here's our picks for the top brunch spots in Chicago this month:


Latinicity for brunch



Latinicity Launches Brunch: The hulking food hall on the third floor of Block 37 in the Loop is good at many things. It has great cocktails at the bar, a well-oiled tapas restaurant, several food stalls, a market, a coffee shop, and even an art gallery. So it makes sense to add brunch to the mix. Starting February 21, brunch will be served every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at Latinicity. Unlike any brunch program in Chicago, this one is in line with the food hall's sprawling format, wherein brunch dishes will be available at each food stall throughout the floor. Guests can rove around as they please and order a la carte or they can opt for unlimited food and two brunch cocktails for $25, or unlimited food and fountain drinks for $17. Crazy bargain. Brunch dishes look to be some of the most unique we've seen in a while, including the egg aeropuerto made with crispy noodles, fried rice, meats, seafood, poached egg, and chaufa sauce; the waffle bacon burger with Belgium-style waffle, choriburger, bacon, chipotle cheese sauce, and pico de gallo; and breakfast tacos filled with fried egg, short rib barbacoa, adobo mashed potatoes, caramelized onions, avocado, and pickled fresno. For brunch cocktails, expect tequila-based Bloody Marias, Micheladas, and mimosas made with lavender and pear puree. 

Autre Monde Cafe & Spirits Updates its Menu: Steak & eggs, breakfast flatbreads, and spaghetti carbonara are some of the newest additions to Autre Monde's brunch menu, and some of the newest reasons for you to set your alarm on Sundays. The weekend menu is already chock full of unique and enticing dishes, like lamb hash, and now there's more to love about this Berwyn destination. The steak & eggs features wood-grilled steak with fried eggs and chimichurri, while the flatbread contains caramelized onions, lardon, and eggs. The carbonara skews classic, outfitted with handmade pasta, black pepper, lardon, egg, and Parmesan. Brunch cocktails are equally special, with newcomers like the Rosemary Sour with bourbon, lemon, maple, and rosemary; and the Astoria Rosa with gin, Acha Spanish Vermouth, Mezzodi Amaro, and orange bitters. The kids' menu has some exciting new additions as well, from Nutella French toast to Spanish croquetas. Brunch is served every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. 

Drink Up at Band of Bohemia: Anyone who has yet dined at Ravenswood's new "culinary brewhouse" knows that drinking is paramount. Be it house-brewed beers, intricate cocktails from an Aviary vet, or a meticulous coffee program, you can't go wrong with the beverage program here. With their recently launched brunch, the Band has some pretty cool a.m. cocktails to join the roster. Chief among them is the Bohemian Hooch #2, a drink made with apple cider liqueur, apple bitters, lemon, Saigon tea, rye, and a flavorful rim of salt, sugar and lemon zest.


Bongo Room
Bongo Room

Bongo Room: A conversation about sweet, decadent brunch dishes in Chicago must start with Bongo Room. This longstanding, perpetually packed brunch icon (currently with three locations in the city) still draws hordes of hungry brunchers, many of whom have ravenous sweet tooths. Sure you can get eggs and breakfast burritos here, but most know that Bongo Room is famed for their pancakes and French toast dishes that lean more towards over-the-top dessert than breakfast. The notorious weekend-only "chocolate tower" French toast, for instance, is a veritable skyscraper of chocolate chunk bread (cake, basically) stuffed with maple mascarpone, banana creme brulee sauce, and shaved chocolate. Other sweet dishes change seasonally, with examples ranging from cranberry-orange pancakes with gingersnap crumbs to caramelized apple hotcakes with cranberry-apple butter and red velvet pancakes slathered in mascarpone cream. 

Cafe Marie-Jeanne: This Humboldt Park newcomer is a casual cafe by day and bistro by night, and it does everything well. In the morning, Cafe Marie-Jeanne features numerous pastries that have the capacity to become instant Chicago classics. The baba au rhum is irresistible, and you'll literally see brioche rolls soaking in jars of rum as you enter the restaurant. There's also Gianduja croissants, which are leaps and bounds better than your standard chocolate croissants. Plus, praline monkey buns, a nice departure from the typical praline sticky buns. Across the board, Cafe Marie-Jeanne does a wonderful job expounding upon classic, beloved pastries and making them even better. 

Waffles: They may come in waffle shape, but make no mistake about it, the sweets at Waffles are unabashedly dessert-y. Red velvet waffles come strewn with vanilla cream cheese, chocolate sauce, and fresh strawberries, while chocolate waffles literally come a la mode with a dollop of strawberry ice cream. Then there's the Liege waffle, a dense Belgian classic studded with pearl sugar, which here gets the added benefit of chocolate chips and berries. 

A10: Some of the best, most underrated and destination-worthy pastries can be found at Hyde Park's A10, when incredible baked goods set the tone for a memorable European-accented brunch. Items change fairly seasonally here, but one quick glance at any given brunch menu confirms their merits. The brioche cinnamon roll is killer, doughy, liberally frosted, and gooey throughout, while the humble-sounding chocolate-glazed doughnut deserves ranking among the best in Chicago. Other sweets include sweet potato coffee cake and oatmeal pancakes with cherries and cream cheese. 

Little Goat: A place like Little Goat, which is unabashedly indulgent and excessive in all the right ways, is a prime spot for saccharine supremacy. This neo-diner fuses dessert and breakfast together in impressive new ways, such as those incomparable fluffy crumpets soaked in chorizo maple syrup, dark chocolate pancakes with chocolate malt butter, and Fat Elvis waffles with banana, bacon maple syrup, and peanut butter butter. Yes, butter that has been mixed with peanut butter. 

Southport Grocery & Cafe: Long before Gianduja croissants and chorizo-maple crumpets, there were cupcake pancakes and grown-up "Pop Tarts" at Southport Grocery & Cafe. For years, this Lakeview staple has been a steady hot spot for refined brunch indulgence. Customers still line up in droves for a taste of those modern Pop Tarts, which consist of soft, sweet pastry folded around fruit preserves, mascarpone, and vanilla walnuts. Plus, grilled cinnamon-walnut-sour cream coffee cake, bread pudding pancakes, and the cupcake pancakes made with vanilla cupcake batter from Southport's famous cupcakes. 


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The duo behind the popular breakfast nook opens a second location in the South Loop. Expect the same menu of offbeat pancakes, waffles and overstuffed sandwiches. There are no reservations.

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The original breakfast concept opened July 4, 1993, and hasn't slowed down since. Crowds line up outside for up to an hour for offbeat breakfast and brunch items of pancakes,...

Bongo_room_food Bongo_room_food7 Bongo_room_food2 Bongo_room_food3

Southport Grocery and Cafe offers an exciting array of specialty food groceries and a charming cafe serving modern comfort food in the middle of the burgeoning shopping and dining destination...

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The name pretty much sums up what'll be served at this South Loop restaurant owned by former Japonais manager Alex Hernandez. Waffles offers two varieties of Belgian waffles, Liege and...

295340_176815489057317_3239292_n 378166_227879220617610_2012584994_n 384853_226716074067258_1736005623_n 389733_312106038861594_706589783_n

The duo behind the popular breakfast nook opens a third location in Andersonville. Expect the same menu of offbeat pancakes, waffles and overstuffed sandwiches.

Bongo_room_food3 Bongo_room_food2 Bongo_room_food Bongo_room_food7

The latest restaurant from Matthias Merges, proprietor of Yusho and Billy Sunday, A10 is a European-inspired restaurant on Hyde Park's bustling 53rd Street corridor. Brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks comprise...

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