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Artango’s Thanksgiving Dinner Will Please the Norbert in Your Life

Artango is making life easier for us by serving food that is going to make all of us happy. Add to that the bonus that we don’t have to cook, or clean up, and we’re all going to split the bill, so it’s actually a very economical way to enjoy each other’s company. On Thanksgiving Day, […]

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Nov 09, 2018 09:37 PM
Sneak Peek: The Darling Also Has a Little of the, Um, Daring

Lindsey Marks – who performs burlesque as Lady Jack – is chatting in front of a large Alice in Wonderland painting in the downstairs dining room at The Darling, on W. Randolph St.. This new space, owned by Sophie Huterstein, who also owns L.A.’s The Wellesbourne, is next door to J.P. Graziano, purveyor of exceptional Italian […]

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Nov 07, 2018 09:50 PM
What Food Pairs with Scotch Whisky? At Chicago’s SideDoor, Lots!

It doesn’t seem that Scotch whisky would be a great pairing with food: the spirit is big, sometimes smoky and seems like it could steamroll all but the most powerful flavors. But you might be surprised how well Scotch can pair with foods. We were eager to try pairing Scotch whisky with Scottish-type food It […]

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Nov 01, 2018 09:15 PM

Sweet of the Week: Rice Pudding at Svea

Rice pudding, against all childhood odds, is one of my all-time favorite desserts. Bar none. I remember scoffing audibly at my dad when he would purchase rice pudding at the grocery store when I was young. I thought the idea of rice in pudding sounded revolting, considering most of my experience with rice at that point was confined to pilaf and fried Chinese food. So naturally, the idea of rice for dessert was not appealing, to say the least. But like many childhood taboos-turned-obsessions, I quickly developed a love for the dish after finally amassing enough curiosity to try it. Flecked with plump raisins and a dusting of cinnamon, rice pudding turned out to be a masterpiece. Before long, I was the one begging my parents for more, and greedily shoveling spoonfuls into my mouth at the refrigerator. We've come a long way, rice pudding and I have. And nowadays, since it's sadly such a rarity on restaurant menus, I light up with glee anytime I get the opportunity to order some. I was presented with just such a fortune at Svea recently, capping off a Swedish brunch in the best way possible. 


Rice pudding at Svea

At Andersonville's Svea, one of the last remaining Swedish relics of the heavily Scandinavian neighborhood, the menu and motif are both old-school, kitschy, and deeply comforting. The squishy counter stools and vintage Nordic paraphernalia dotting the walls make for a cozy backdrop in which to tear into Swedish sausages, gravy-laden meatballs, and eggy pancakes. But no matter what route you take here, be sure you wind up with a plate of rice pudding in front of you at meal's end. Served modestly and simply on a bright blue plate, the pudding is a hefty slab stacked high. It sports two layers of textures here, one being a somewhat crunchy al dente rice "crust" and the other being a creamy, airy, and sugary patina. Together, they meld to create a unique, well-balanced bite of pudding. The icing on the cake here, true to Swedish form, is the dollop of tangy lingonberry jam glazed over top. 

- Matt Kirouac

Neighborhoods: Andersonville

Honoring Andersonville's Scandinavian roots, Svea is one of the sole remaining relics of Swedish dining in this north side enclave. This old-school diner, open for breakfast and lunch daily, features...

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