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Sweet of the Week: Nutella Cookie at Two Zero Three

One surefire way to up the ante on a chocolate chip cookie is by filling it with even more chocolate. Especially when the chocolate in question is Nutella. I can't believe I haven't seen or heard of this genius idea before, but Two Zero Three, the coffee shop/wine bar inside the Virgin Hotel, is making cookie dreams come true with their indulgent new snack. 


Two Zero Three
Nutella cookies at Two Zero Three

Chocolate chip cookies can be a tricky thing to fiddle with, since most people have distinct memories and flavor preferences regarding them. So if you're going to take on the almighty chocolate chip cookie, you'd better go big. And that's precisely what Two Zero Three does. All pastries are impressively made in-house here, each one a nifty contemporary update on classic desserts like bundt cake, brownies, and of course cookies. The Nutella cookies may look modest and fairly traditional, albeit enormous, but there's much more than meets the eye. 

These cookies are soft and doughy, with a hint of crackle and crunch around the exterior. The whole thing is flecked generously with milk and dark chocolate chips, and filled with a Nutella center. So once you bite your way to the middle, after navigating what seems to be a traditional chocolate chip cookie at first bite, you'll be met with an eruption of gooey, warm Nutella filling. It pours forth like a lava cake; the whole thing tastes like a gob of Nutella-strewn cookie dough, and it's glorious. These things may be huge, but you'd be hard-pressed not to polish off an entire cookie in one sitting. The human body is no much for such temptation. 

- Matt Kirouac

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