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Beefy Back-to-School Specials

In case the aroma of pumpkin spice backpacks aren't enough to clue you in, it's back-to-school season! And that means lots of loosely related back-to-school dining specials are popping up faster than aromatic lattes. Two of said specials involve ground meat. Let's find out where. 

Meatloaf Bakery
(The Meatloaf Bakery by mail)

First, longtime familial Lincoln Park mainstay R.J. Grunt's is serving up "back to school smash burgers." It's the perfect antidote to school stress-shopping for the little ones, or as an after-school family treat with the brood. The special contains two griddled patties smashed thin and topped with American cheese, special sauce, lettuce, beefsteak tomato, and onion on a toasted potato bun. For the kiddies, it even comes with a half-pint carton of chocolate milk, which is so adorable it hurts. The burger is on deck at R.J. Grunt's through September. 

In other beefy back-to-school news, The Meatoaf Bakery is hosting a special sale that entails 15% discounts when ordering two or more boxes from Meatloaf By Mail. You know what this means: ideal college gift/surprise for new dorm-dwellers. Or for frazzled parents looking for a unique treat to bestow upon children. Or ditto with teachers in classrooms actually. Because what child wouldn't love the whimsy of a meatloaf cupcake? Said cupcakes come in flavors such as The Mother Loaf made with beef, pork, and veal; the Herby Turkey Loaf; and the cheeseburger-inspired No Buns About it Burger Loaf. All meaty cupcakes are made fresh and frozen and individually wrapped, topped with offbeat "frostings" like sun-dried tomato and Parmesan potatoes, or stuffing. Now through September, call 773-698-6667 or visit here to place an order. 
- Matt Kirouac


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The unique Lincoln Park "bakery" specializes in loaves and cupcakes made of meat, turkey and salmon, as well as a vegetarian version. Mashed potato "frosting" tops them off.

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