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Sweet of the Week: Mint Chip Sundae at ROOF

Who doesn't love a good sundae? Especially one enrobed in bourbon-infused "magic shell"? Ah, childhood nostalgia. Be it classic or contemporary, sundaes are one of those rare comfort foods that is pretty much universally adored on the basis that it is simply a sundae. It doesn't matter how basic or how highfalutin; it is beloved. The sensational version at ROOF on theWit Hotel toes the line between timeworn and modern, all thanks to dexterous pastry chef Toni Roberts, who proves time and time again that she is one of Chicago's craftiest dessert mavens. This vigorous summery sundae serves to cement that cred. 

(Sundae a la ROOF)

ROOF's sundae is the rare sundae that won't leave you reeling in sugar-saturated regret. It's downright dainty and cute, featuring a few precious scoops of minty ice cream. The dollops are splayed atop a thin slice of fudge brownie, which strikes the ideal textural point between gooey and cakey. The fun part is how interactive and dazzling this dessert is, all thanks to the "magic shell." Remember magic shell? That fudgy sauce you'd pour over ice cream and fawn over as it froze before your eyes and adhered to the ice cream, leaving a crackly patina. It still amazes, especially when it's infused with Basil Hayden bourbon. The sundae arrives with a tiny carafe of warm bourbon-y sauce on the side, to be drizzled over the ice cream. It stiffens almost immediately, lending a thin crisp layer of boozy chocolate sauce over the mint ice cream. Bourbon candied mint rounds out the dish on an aromatic, refreshing high note. 

- Matt Kirouac

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