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La Scuola is in Session

This week was the first time I've ever sipped Prosecco while in class, one of the many reasons why Eataly's La Scuola is infinitely superior to any school I've attended. The only quibble is the lack of nap time, but aside from that, La Scuola is tops when it comes to school. The latest and final rung in the Eataly ladder to open, La Scuola is a cooking school on the second floor of the 63,000 square foot Italian marketplace, focused on all sorts of various themed classes designed to enlighten and dazzle foodies and home cooks alike. With Eataly partner Lidia Bastianich in town to help inaugurate La Scuola, school is officially in session.

Eataly La Scuola
(La Scuola. Photo: Eataly)

The curriculum for La Scuola runs the gamut from food and language classes to Meatless Mondays events and demo-style lessons focused on risotto, fresh pasta, and other Italian delicacies. Seeing as a huge focal point of the Eataly brand centers on education, be it an eye-opening product on the shelf or an invigorating wine tasting, La Scuola is the perfect segue for guests looking to broaden their perspective of Italian cuisine.

Eataly's lesson plan is already arranged and scheduled through April. A series of Chef's Kitchen classes include "The Art of Winter Risotto," "Fresh Winter Pasta," "Cooking With Italian Seafood," "The Italian Pantry," and "Sunday Supper." Another series of classes spotlights specific artisanal products, such as cheese and wine, mozzarella, and chocolates. Food and language classes are designed to hone in on regional cultures under the tutelage of native Italian instructors. Aperitivo lessons focus on beverages, with classes organized around Italian cocktails and Barolo. Then there's the Chef's Table, a planned beer-focused dinner party in April 1. It helps that all classes culminate with a meal and include wine pairings, which is something you can't say about most schools.

Be a good student and sign up on Eataly's website here. For now, here's a recipe for risotto that Bastianich demonstrated to tide you over.

- Matt Kirouac

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