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Steakhouse Menus: See Menus From Chicago’s Best Steakhouses

Chicago Steakhouse Menus: ChicagoBestSteak.com has a complete listing of Chicago’s great Prime steakhouse’s. ChicagoBestSteak.com lists only Chicago’s Top Steakhouse Restaurants that feature U.S.D.A. prime steak These steakhouse menus include viewing by the following categories: Dinner, Lunch, Brunch, Dessert, Bar, Wine and Children’s. Many of these great restaurants feature several other menu options which are also […]

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Jul 23, 2014 02:43 AM
Cooling Off With New Mid-summer Menus

Mid-summer Menus: With mid-summer upon us, restaurants are freshening things up with a slew of new menu additions. In the heat of summer (or as some misleading news outlets will call it, the “polar vortex” of summer), cravings shift to cooling dishes and drinks that provide solace from the seasonal humidity. No better time for […]

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Jul 21, 2014 07:36 PM
Nickel and Dime Tea Service Returns

Nickel and Dime Tea Service Returns     The Langham, Chicago is soon accepting reservations for their next batch of $.15 tea services. When was the last time you paid 15 cents for anything? Probably a pack of gum 10 years ago, right? Nowadays, the idea of something costing a nickel and dime seems an […]

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Jul 21, 2014 02:30 AM
Mercadito Meets Deli With Mercadito Counter Restaurant

Mercadito Hospitality loves to keep people guessing. The avante garde restaurant group does a masterful job of reinventing itself with each new concept, from the taco-centric Mercadito to the tapas-based Tavernita, and eclectic offerings at Little Market Brasserie. Mercadito Hospitality is basically the Madonna of restaurant groups, re-emerging in a bold new way with each opening. Now with their newest endeavor due later this fall, the restaurant group offers its most casual dining destination to date. Mercadito Counter is also their most surprising iteration, a Mexican deli concept inspired by the Sandoval brothers' street food memories in Acapulco and corner store deli counters of yore.

Mexican hot dogs
(Mexican hot dogs, the one instance where ketchup isn't decried as heresy)

When Mercadito's casual sister spot opens this fall at 738 N. Clark St., it will feature a mix of Mercadito favorites and a slew of deli-inspired innovations, all in a fast-casual format unique to the Mercadito Hospitality formula of dining destinations in Chicago. Guests can get their fill of Mercadito's cultishly adored tacos, as well as nachos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. But it's the American deli-style fixtures that really stand out, as this is where Mercadito Counter exhibits its creativity. A deli menu offers to-go selections of guacamoles, salsas, Mexican cheeses, meats, tortillas, and prepared foods, while the food menu features the Mercadito burger topped with jalapeño butter and Manchego cheese, chipotle onion rings, gordita sliders, and a variety of hot dogs, including the bacon-wrapped Mexican dog laden with pico de gallo, jalapeño relish, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and crispy bacon, and the deep-fried Mole-Q dog ensconced in mole barbecue sauce, green tomato-jalapeño slaw, a trio of mustards, and crispy onion strings. Mercadito Counter will also serve breakfast all day, with options such as huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos, and chilaquiles.

Agua fresca
(Quench your agua fresca cravings at Mercadito Counter this fall)

For the Sandoval brothers, Mercadito Counter represents the merging of two distinct styles of comfort food, both with casual streetside origins. Considering Chicago's Mexican population, the idea for a place that melded the two genres was the perfect segue into the casual dining sphere.

NYC restaurant known for killer tacos and a casual, yet upscale setting moves into the old Sugar/La Pomme Rouge space. This is the third outpost, but it takes the trend farther by offering an expansive dining room and lower-level cocktail lounge called Double A.

Mercadito_food3 Mercadito_food2 Mercadito_food Mercadito_food4

Chef Ryan Poli helms the second project from the team from Mercadito, featuring a diverse mix of European-inspired dishes with Mediterranean and Latin flavors designed for sharing and a raw bar from Supreme Lobster. There's also a stand-up San Sebastian-style pintxo bar called Barcito.

26 27 9 1

The team behind Mercadito and Tavernita have taken over the first-floor restaurant space to create this globally influenced restaurant that plans to serve American, French and European fare. Tavernita chef/partner Ryan Poli will oversee the menu, and New York's The Tippling Bros. will curate the cocktail menu. There will be a 125-seat sidewalk cafe as well. There is no opening date yet.

Little_market_brasserie_interior Little_market_brasserie_food Little_market_brasserie_food2

The Mercadito team (Little Market Brasserie, Mercadito, Tavernita) makes its entry into the fast-casual dining scene with a Mexican deli concept in River North. Mercadito Counter, set to open fall 2013, pays homage to the deli counters of local corner stores in chef/partner Patricio Sandoval's native Acapulco.

Dish highlights include the Mercadito Burger, a ribeye and short rib burger with a jalapeño butter, Manchego cheese, and grilled scallions; The Mexican Dog, a bacon-wrapped beef sausage with pico de gallo, jalapeño relish, mayo, mustard, ketchup and crispy bacon; as well as Chicken a las Brasas, Mexican-style rotisserie chickens in a choice of adobo (red), Peruvian-style (white) or epazote marinade (green) served with tortillas, two sides and one salsa of choice.

There is also breakfast all day.

Mercadito_counter_food Mercadito_counter_food3

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