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Pop-up Dinner Reunites moto Vets

A reunion on par with that of The Spice Girls' latest tour takes place this weekend as moto alums and Feast & Imbibe founders team up with two current moto chefs for a pop-up dinner at Jam Restaurant on October 6. Founded by D'Andre Carter and Heather Bublick, Feast & Imbibe is an underground dining concept that taps into the same intricate, refined whimsy that moto has come to be known for. Considering Carter was previously the executive sous chef at moto and Bublick the sommelier, it's not surprising the restaurant wore off on them a little bit. Now the duo are re-teaming with a couple moto compatriots for a special pop-up dinner. This Sunday, they'll be joined by moto's executive chef Richie Farina and executive pastry chef Claire Crenshaw, wherein each chef prepares their own awe-inspiring dishes.

Feast & Imbibe

(A sampling of Feast & Imbibe's wares. Photo: Feast & Imbibe)

The six-course affair features two courses from each chef. Additionally, a chefs' table adjoins the evening's regular seatings, offering a third surprise course from each chef. The fun thing about experiencing a dinner from such fanciful culinarians is that even when you read the menu descriptions, you never know what's going to emerge on the plate. For instance, Farina's dishes include aged carrot with salmon and beet with foie gras. Carter will serve quail with waffles and beef with broccoli (something tells me this will be miles ahead of your typical Chinese takeout). For dessert, Crenshaw will pair avocado with grapefruit and stun chocoholics with something called "extreme chocolate."

Tickets are $95 per person, plus $40 with wine pairings. Seatings start at 5:30 p.m. (or 5:00 p.m. for the chefs' table) and can be reserved Tablehost..




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