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Sweet of the Week: Melissa's Candy Pancakes at Eggy's Restaurant

Often, pancakes toe the line between breakfast and dessert. It all depends on how much syrup and accoutrements you're willing to shamelessly consume. But when pancakes get pimped out with candy and a heinous amount of whipped cream, things abandon breakfast territory entirely and step into the realm of dessert. Melissa's candy pancakes at Eggy's are unabashedly desserty, decorated with enough candy to fill a vending machine. This may not be the best way to start every morning, but now and again we can all use an embarrassing sugar fix.

I don't know who this Melissa is the menu refers to, but her namesake pancakes are something to behold. It's almost comical how many sugary components take place, and the description reads more like a dare than a wholesome breakfast. The pancakes sing of childhood, bedecked with M&M's on top and cocoa and Rice Krispies inside. The pancakes are loosely stacked, or rather strewn across a plate, with hefty dollops of rich whipped cream. Of course, it comes with a side of maple syrup, which seems like a silly joke, and completely unnecessary. The whole thing tastes like a deconstructed candy bar, but with even more carbs from the pancakes. This is good, because I can't even count the number of times I've been eating candy and thought to myself, "I would enjoy this more in pancake form."

Candy pancakes
(Melissa's candy pancakes at Eggy's)

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